Benefits of One-Piece Continuous Flow Presentations

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Published: 04th February 2011
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A one-piece flow simulation, also known as a continuous flow presentation, is fundamental in lean marketing. It uses samples from different industries and company departments reflected in simulation games. This promotes understanding that each element of an organization is an essential part of the entire company workflow. One-piece flow presentation is designed in a way that the workflow process is performed without stops or delays along the way. It builds up interconnecting lines, from the first to the last steps of the process.

There are many benefits that a one-piece flow presentation can give to a company. First, it builds up quality products. In a continuous one-piece flow, the members apply a make-one-move-one work principle. In this case, the defects are detected immediately in the next process, because each member has the responsibility of checking the quality of his or her initial output. This immediate detection of errors leads to their easy removal well. In cases when checking is done after the product is finished, the defect of one process may have affected succeeding processes, creating a domino effect.

One-piece flow manufacturing allows faster production and flexibility to last-minute changes. The waste factors in batch production, like transportation and waiting time, are reduced. This kind of production also increases scalability on the equipments used in production, thus cutting unnecessary costs. The continuous flow production also reduces inventory since there is a continuous disposal throughout the process.

With this continuous flow presentation, the production increases along with quality. This is brought about by the elimination of waste that hinders lean manufacturing. The replenishment of materials is also done in a simpler and easier way. The gradual replenishment reduces excess materials and prevents the over-acquisition of materials. There is a scheduled time of delivery and a set quantity delivery.

And the continuous disposal of unnecessary materials frees up more space in the workplace. This provides more room for the business to grow or for production to increase. In a continuous flow presentation in the company’s manufacturing process, an increased profitability is stabilized.

More than that, the employees’ output quality is also empowered and uplifted. In seeing the continuous flow presentation take effect in daily production, employee morale is boosted. Implementation of this presentation encourages involvement from all members in achieving high-quality results.

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